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BitSea – simple bitcoin investment

BitSea is a new bitcoin investment company which is all about simplifying the process of your investment. This is fantastic – I mean, who wants to learn all that stuff about trading, forex markets, shares, and government bonds? Not me, I just want to invest bitcoin and get great returns. If that sounds like you as well, then BitSea might be the investment program you have been looking for.

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TrezorBitX – lucrative investment opportunity

TrezorBitX looks like your normal bitcoin HYIP from the surface, but when you dig a little deeper you start to see some of the differences. The first one is that you will need a referrer to sign up, and the second is the effort that has gone in to building this program. Oh, and this one actually has quite a few $10,000 deposits from serious investors. The question is, should you invest?

Deposit Release HYIP PAYING RCB 100%

SolidCoins – not chocolate filled

Yes, unfortunately these solid coins contain no chocolate. A disappointing revelation I know, but this is actually a promising looking bitcoin investment site offering lucrative investment and affiliate opportunities. Unfortunately, that’s not true either – SolidCoins is just a bitcoin HYIP, but the question is should you invest bitcoin?

Deposit Included Featured HYIP Insurance PAYING

RightRise – speed camera profits

RightRise is a new company that is not involved in cryptocurrency mining or trading. Yes, you read that right, NOT involved. It actually has something to do with speed cameras and a seemingly dodgy deal with the UK Government. Sounds even worse, but don’t be fooled, this is actually a high-quality HYIP which could be the next ForexParadise. I am even offering HYIP Insurance for the first time.

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BitAssetsLimited – let your bitcoins grow

BitAssetsLimited is a newish HYIP that does the usual stuff involving bitcoin investments. You know the deal, bitcoin is the greatest thing since sliced bread and all that. So, really nothing new there. However, the most unique thing about this HYIP is that I am offering ‘early-scam’ insurance which means that if you invest under my referral link, you will be covered if the HYIP scams early. Interested?

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