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Deposit Returned Featured PAYING RCB 100%

LoanBit – bitcoin lending investment

Bitcoin lending is a growing area of the finance sector because of the fantastic returns for investors for little effort. LoanBit offers 2% daily for 7 days principal return… too easy!

Deposit Release PAYING RCB 100%

CryptoBase – multiply your bitcoins

CryptoBase is a new investment company offering a simple and profitable bitcoin investment opportunity of 5% daily for lifetime, with the bonus of principal release.

Deposit Included Featured PAYING RCB 100%

EbayShares – investing made simple

EbayShares is a professional investment program that looks very similar to some other good performing programs. It pays 2% daily for 90 days as well as other plans.

Deposit Included Featured PAYING RCB 100%

BitUniverse – bitcoin revenue share

BitUniverse is a new investment program that offers daily variable payments and a total return of 200%. It also features automatic payments direct to your bitcoin wallet.

Deposit Included RCB 100% SCAM

CoinTower – Multiply Your Money

CoinTower is a new investment program from a well-known admin who has delivered some great results to early investors. This one pays 10% and is ready to go.

Deposit Included RCB 100% SCAM

GlobalBid – let your bitcoins work

GlobalBid is a new bitcoin investment program that is well designed and a already has a fast growing reputation in the industry. It pays up to 10% daily principal included.

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