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How to get Bitcoin Gold

Everyone loves free coins don’t they? So, you better check out this simple guide on what you need to do to get ready to for the upcoming bitcoin gold fork.

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OTCI – over the counter investments

Another piggy bank! I love them, how about you? Anyway, OTCI is brand new, pays pays a solid 3.5% daily, principal release and is good to go.

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Litecoin SpacesuitX Analysis

Litecoin is a well-known and very popular cryptocurrency, but what are it’s strengths and weaknesses. Find out in a detailed SpacesuitX analysis by the one and only BitcoinBarons.

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BitDragon – trading and investment

Bitcoin and investing are a great combination. Simply add an experienced admin and you have a fantastic investment opportunity called BitDragon. 9% daily principal included. Done!

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LoanBit – bitcoin lending investment

Bitcoin lending is a growing area of the finance sector because of the fantastic returns for investors for little effort. LoanBit offers 2% daily for 7 days principal return… too easy!

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CryptoBase – multiply your bitcoins

CryptoBase is a new investment company offering a simple and profitable bitcoin investment opportunity of 5% daily for lifetime, with the bonus of principal release.

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