BitSea – simple bitcoin investment

BitSea is a new bitcoin investment company which is all about simplifying the process of your investment. This is fantastic – I mean, who wants to learn all that stuff about trading, forex markets, shares, and government bonds? Not me, I just want to invest bitcoin and get great returns. If that sounds like you as well, then BitSea might be the investment program you have been looking for. More →

HYIP Report – November 2016

November was a much better month for HYIP investing even though we saw the scamming of AimBTC. A sad day, but bold investors were rewarded with gains of over 400%. There were also a number of other HYIPs that exceeded 100% ROI during the month. But, best of all is that there are some strong performing HYIPs that are still running as we move into December. Normally a bad month, but some of these even have 100% insurance coverage. It’s a good time to be investing! More →

BitAssetsLimited – let your bitcoins grow

BitAssetsLimited is a newish HYIP that does the usual stuff involving bitcoin investments. You know the deal, bitcoin is the greatest thing since sliced bread and all that. So, really nothing new there. However, the most unique thing about this HYIP is that I am offering ‘early-scam’ insurance which means that if you invest under my referral link, you will be covered if the HYIP scams early. Interested? More →

TrezorBitX – lucrative investment opportunity

TrezorBitX looks like your normal bitcoin HYIP from the surface, but when you dig a little deeper you start to see some of the differences. The first one is that you will need a referrer to sign up, and the second is the effort that has gone in to building this program. Oh, and this one actually has quite a few $10,000 deposits from serious investors. The question is, should you invest? More →

TopBitHourly – hourly cloud mining

Let’s not mess about here, TopBitHourly is not just hard to pronounce, it’s also a HYIP most likely from the same admin who brought us the recently scammed PayerCoin. You only have to look at it for a second to see it. There are number of other factors that confirm this, but ultimately this is just a HYIP that you need to get in real quick, or not at all. More →

SatoshiCash – Online Bitcoin Wallet

Yes, you read that right – SatoshiCash is an online bitcoin wallet. Who cares? you may ask, I know I did. But, this is a bitcoin wallet with a difference – you actually get an hourly profit. From my limited research, this could very well be the first of it’s kind, and it sounds fantastic. Not only that, these guys actually invented unique and awesome trade strategies providing constant profits on a fixed basis. I’m sold, how about you? More →

BTCSolar – Solar Powered Money

BTCSolar is a new investment company specializing in bitcoin investments for solar installations all over the world. This is definitely a ‘growth’ area, and it is hard not to notice the amount of investment going into renewable energy. But, whether BTCSolar will actually make your money solar powered is yet to be seen. In any case, this bitcoin HYIP is good to go, and I am even offering Stacks Insurance for it. More →

HYIP Report – October 2016

October was a bit of a ‘nothing’ month for HYIP investing – no big losses and no big wins. I reviewed lots of HYIPs, some good ones came and failed to deliver, some promising new ones appeared, while good old AimBTC continued to pay for the entire month, and even broke through the 300% ROI point for early investors. But, I guess the real question is, how much longer can it run? More →