A faucet revival of sorts

High paying faucets are getting harder and harder to find following the Google Adsense debacle in late January where the revenue of many of the major faucets was revoked for violating various Adsense policies. Combined with the rising price of bitcoin, collecting tiny amounts from faucets has become very tedious… until now.


I blogged about four high-paying faucets back in December, but sadly they disappeared shortly after citing malicious attacks as the major reason. However, they reappeared with a new look and new domain names which I blogged about here.

Sadly, these suddenly disappeared a few days ago leaving a large hole in my personal faucet revenue. But, before you get out your violins, I’m pleased to announce that they have now reappeared in their original guise. Although, not all of them, and one of them has a problem.

To save you clicking the above links, here is a summary:

Faucet Min Payout Interval
Break the Coin 4000 800
Get Free Bitcoins 2800 780
Safe Bitcoins 2700 800

Break the Coin seems to have an issue with the Captcha not loading, but the other two are good to go.

OK, yes, faucets are still tedious, but with some effort they can be rewarding.