A review of the HitPxl faucet

HitPxl is a simple faucet to earn bitcoin with a bit of a gimmick. It features the old-school Super Mario character from the Nintendo games which most people are probably familiar with. However, the novelty wears off pretty quickly because he does the same thing over and over, but the faucet is a reliable payer and has some nice bonus features.


Each time Mario jumps, you collect 1 satoshi which builds up to a maximum of 100 satoshi in 3 minutes. Once you collect, the count starts again. You need to keep your browser open the whole time or it will reset and you will have to start again.

The standard payout is 100 satoshi every 3 minutes, but you also get a bonus every now and then of 250 or 500 satoshi. In addition, you can win a key and select one of three boxes to win a small amount. All your claims are held on site and can be withdrawn to Faucet Box (minimum 100, fee of 25 satoshi) or by a direct payment to Xapo (minimum 25,000, fee of 10,000).

There is also a contest that runs during the course of the day where the top 125 players will receive a prize ranging from 50,000 down to 300 satoshi. All you have to do is play as many levels as you can. The current rankings are displayed in the ‘Contest’ tab at the top of the screen so you can check you progress.

Overall, HitPxl is a little tedious and not the highest paying faucet, but it is reliable way to earn bitcion and is just a little bit fun.