AHash.io – advanced cloud mining

22nd June 2016: No… it’s dead

21st June 2016: Problems with site. Be patient as it might only be temporary. It has changed it’s IP so they might be moving it. In any case, it is rare for a HYIP admin to take a site down completely – they prefer to just shut-off payments and then let them run for as long as possible.

17th May 2016: Some Problems with Payments (seems OK now)

Just when you thought the cloud mining hype was clearing (both puns intended), up pops aHash.io the most advanced cloud miner to join the crowd. However, this one doesn’t have the standard pictures of buildings or server racks – it has pictures of islands you might be able to buy if you invest.

But seriously, this is just another HYIP for you to invest bitcoin. If you are new to HYIPs check out my basics page before handing over your bitcoin. It is pretty much the standard bitcoin HYIP nowadays which I quite like and am happy to invest in.

Investment Plans

There are three plans to choose from which are based on how much you invest. Up to 2.5 BTC will get you 3.6% daily, principal not included which is pretty solid and seems to be where most bitcoin HYIPs are headed lately. The higher plans are 4% and 4.8% but, don’t be stupid.

The basic investment plan will see you reach 100% ROI in about 27 days. As all plans don’t include principal, it can be released at any time for 5% fee. To release your deposit, go to “Deposit List” and hit the “Release” link. Remember that you will still need to withdraw from your account from there.

The site is bitcoin only and the minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC for the basic plan. Profits are paid every hour and can be withdrawn anytime. The minimum withdrawal is 1 satoshi; but, use common sense when withdrawing and maybe go for the standard minimum of 0.0001.

The Website

The website is quite pretty and is probably the nicest one of late, and it may also be the winner in terms of spelling and grammar – looks like they spent some coin on an English speaking developer. Although, this doesn’t really matter, what matters is that all the information is available before registering, and everything works as it should including payments which are instant to your bitcoin wallet once you hit withdrawal.

To get started, just sign up, log in, and deposit some bitcoin.There is compounding available up to 100% which you can enable for each deposit when and if you choose.


I rate aHash.io as excellent due to the look and feel of the site as well as the investment plans available. However, I do feel that it is a higher risk than normal due to the higher profit rate. I also contribute some of this risk to where we are in the HYIP cycle at the moment. Generally, as the cycle increases and begins to peak like it is now, more HYIPs will scam early to try and capatilize on the upbeat investor mood. Obviously, this is hard to predict and I can’t say if aHash will do this, but if you keep deposits modest and don’t get too greedy you’ll be fine. An investment of up to 10% of your total portfolio should be OK. Remember the risks!

Overall: 4

Risk: 3

As always, keep an eye on all HYIPs I invest in on my bitcoin HYIP monitor. Also, remember to not invest bitcoin you can’t afford to lose.