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AimBTC – bold investment in cryptocurrency

If you love a good quality HYIP that is run by an experienced admin that won’t unplug payments at a tiny dip in the bitcoin price, or one bad day of investment inflows, then AimBTC is for you. This is the admin that was responsible for TinderBTC which ran for around 3 months, and they clearly know what they are doing.


However, I should point out that this is a HYIP and past performance doesn’t guarantee results here. Also, if you are new to this kind of investing then you should check out my basics page and make sure you understand it before investing in any HYIP. So, let’s take a look at AimBTC.

Investment Plans

AimBTC offers just a single plan to invest bitcoin to keep it nice and simple – 2.88% daily with no time limit. The profit does not include your principal and this can be released at any time for a 5% fee. The minimum deposit for the first plan is 0.001 BTC, and the minimum withdrawal is 0.0003. The site is bitcoin only and your profits are paid every hour into your account. At the time of writing, withdrawals are paid instantly to your bitcoin wallet.

The Website

The site is a fairly simple affair, but still remains professional looking and is not trying to deceive users or hide any information. The members area is easy to navigate and understand, with some nice little graphics and pop-ups to set it apart from some of the other more mundane HYIP scripts.

To get started, just sign up and you will be given a unique username. Then simply log in and deposit some bitcoin to the address given. There is compounding available, so you choose to do this now if you want. Compounding is not a bad idea for this type of HYIP, but remember you won’t be able to withdraw anything if you set it to 100%.


I rate AimBTC as excellent, and have a particular fondness for this type of HYIP. There is just something about the simplicity that gives an investor like me some confidence – it would be very stressful being invested in nothing but HYIPs like BitStorm. As such, I rate the risk as only moderate even though the HYIP has been running for over 2 weeks.

Advertising across bitcoin sites is fairly subdued, but it’s reputation and investment inflow is still increasing. This one has a bit more attention from other HYIP monitors than TinderBTC which will hopefully increase it’s potential. Lastly, as much as I love this style of HYIP, I still only recommend an investment of up to 10% of your portfolio.

As always, you can follow the progress of this and all of my investments on my bitcoin HYIP monitor, and never invest bitcoin you can’t afford to lose.