AltriaCoin – Brexit relief

AltriaCoin is a new investment group established in May 2016 doing something with well-known sorts of cryptocurrency. What that actually means is anyone’s guess – a far bigger concern is how the recent Brexit outcome will affect their activities.

It’s OK, you can stop worrying, it’s actually a HYIP which probably won’t be around long enough for any noticeable effects – unless the bitcoin price goes crazy again – it could happen. But seriously, the HYIP industry is on a negative slide at the moment with many strong performers shutting down as I write. This is not uncommon, and it will turn the other way just as quickly. So, if you are willing to take the risk, lets take a look at AltriaCoin. If you are new to HYIP investing, check out my basics page.

Investment Plans

AltriaCoin offers three plans based on how much you invest. All plans are principal included but are limited to 20 days which is realistic given current conditions. The first plan offers 0.3% hourly for 20 days which is a total return of 144%. The other plans require more than 2.5 BTC which is a bit nuts. There is even a 0.05 BTC incentive bonus when you sign up. However, you can’t withdraw it, and it only pays a paltry 0.2% per day for as long as the HYIP is alive. I guess it’s better than nothing.

Minimum investment is a hefty 0.022 BTC which is a bit on the high side for many new investors, but you should see 100%. The minimum withdrawal is 0.001 which is also a bit higher, but the minimum deposit will see more than this paid everyday. The site is bitcoin only, profits are paid every hour, and withdrawals are instant.

The Website

The site is professional looking and has most of the information before logging in. One piece of information which is not available, as pointed out to me by a user, is the fact that you need to deposit at least the minimum before you can withdraw. This seems obvious, but is not something I have come across before as I only refer to HYIPs I invest in – am I alone on this?

All other info is there and pretty clear. As usual, to get started, just sign up, log in, and deposit some bitcoin to the address given. The plan will be automatically selected for you when you specify the deposit size. There is no compounding available, so you will have to reinvest if you want to do this.


I rate AltriaCoin as average but am still happy to invest. This is mainly due to the heightened risk of all HYIPs lately and the higher than normal minimal deposit. Advertising is moderate and it’s reputation is growing slowly. It has been running for 4 days now, but is still solid and paying instantly. I would only recommend 5% of your portfolio for this one, and don’t recommend any re-investment unless you have a high risk tolerance.

Overall: 2

Risk: 4

As always, don’t invest bitcoin you can’t afford to lose, and remember to check the progress of all my investments on my bitcoin HYIP monitor page.

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