Anonymous ads – bitcoin advertising at it’s best

Anonymous Ads, or a-ads, is a bitcoin advertising network which has been around for a while now. If you are not familiar them you may well be yawning and saying “not another one”; but wait, this one is different in two very unique ways.



The name is a big hint for the first difference – it is indeed anonymous. You can use the site as an advertiser or publisher without supplying any personal data. In addition, the site doesn’t collect information about users viewing ads, or provide targeted advertising based on browser history. Which is certainly different from any other advertising network.

The second unique feature of a-ads is the way ads work for both advertisers and publishers. The site doesn’t sell traffic or visitors, and they don’t use the normal pay-per-click or pay-per-impression. It works simply by advertisers selecting advertising spaces (supplied by publishers) which get a share of impressions from them.


As an advertiser you can create an advertising campaign quickly and easily. Simply give your ad a title, some text content, and a link to your site. You can also upload a banner image for various sizes if you want to.

Next you set your daily budget. The estimated number of impressions and cost per click is shown as you adjust your budget. These numbers are only an estimate and will vary depending on how much traffic and how much other advertisers are paying. Once set, you create the ad and you are given a unique ad code so you can track how the ad is performing.


As a publisher you create an ad unit simply by specifying the size you would like and then the URL of your site. Then add the supplied code to your site and ads will begin appearing once approved by admin. Payouts are automatic to your bitcoin address.

As a-ads is not a pay-per-click or pay-per-impression network, the amount you will be paid is a little tricky to understand. The system relies on global unique impressions so you will only receive an impression if the visitor has not seen any other a-ad in a 24-hour period. This also means that only one a-ad on your page will receive an impression, so think carefully about lots of ad spaces.


Anonymous Ads is certainly a breath of fresh air in the bitcoin advertising space, but it is not the only advertising network you will need if you are an advertiser or publisher (or both). So, although you can’t escape the dubious tactics of some of the other networks, it’s nice to know that at least one advertising network has a conscience.

Other excellent bitcoin advertising networks are Mellow Ads and Adbit, both of which I use and recommend.

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