Attention speed freaks!

Don’t you just hate waiting to claim from faucets? The majority are at least six hours which seems like an eternity when you just want that satoshi. If this is you, we at stacks of coin have found some faucets that might satisfy your needs.

OK, OK, I’ll be quick. The following faucets you can claim from in five minute intervals or less:

Faucet Min. Payout Claim (minutes) Payment Type
BTC Boom 700 3 Faucet Box
Your BTC 600 3 Faucet Box
Give Me BTC 500 4 Faucet Box
Fast BTC 500 4 Faucet Box
Give Coins 400 4 Faucet Box
Moon Bitcoin 100 5 Onsite, Direct

All are fairly reliable but they do run dry from time to time. They are refilled regularly.

OK, off to it then!