AvaBitcoin – one last push

15th April: SCAM – Not Paying. DO NOT INVEST!

AvaBitcoin is a High Yield Investment Program which I invested in recently and got out after gaining 100%, plus getting my principal investment back, which was nice. I had heard some bad reports around the time I got out so I didn’t re-invest. However, it is still running, and is well past the usual tipping point for HYIPs indicating it might go all the way.

I usually don’t invest bitcoin again in a HYIP after getting out, but this time I am trying an experiment with AvaBitcoin late in the game to test the admin. So far they have run it brilliantly and it looks set to continue. It has been running for a while and has slowly been building it’s reputation. My initial investment started on the 18th of January which was really early in the game.

I will probably only run for about two weeks to get to about a 30% return before withdrawing (hopefully) again.  If you are new to this style of investing, I would not advise you to invest in AvaBitcoin, but if you don’t mind some extreme risk, then go for it.

But remember, all HYIPs are insanely risky to invest bitcoin in, so only invest what you can afford to lose, and keep your deposits small and definitely no more than 0.1 BTC. Check out my HYIP basics page for more info and track progress on my HYIP Monitor.

Happy HYIPing!