Deposit Release HYIP Insurance SCAM

BitAssetsLimited – let your bitcoins grow

BitAssetsLimited is a newish HYIP that does the usual stuff involving bitcoin investments. You know the deal, bitcoin is the greatest thing since sliced bread and all that. So, really nothing new there. However, the most unique thing about this HYIP is that I am offering ‘early-scam’ insurance which means that if you invest under my referral link, you will be covered if the HYIP scams early. Interested?

I’ll get right to it for this one. There is no mistaking this site for anything other than what it is. Plain and simple it is a HYIP which you can invest bitcoin and get a reasonable return. Typically this style of HYIP is a fairly safe bet as they are quite popular and can run for up to 60 days (except for AimBTC which is over 100 days). Anyway, you also have the added bonus of being able to withdraw your principal when you want (after the first 24 hours anyway).

Regardless of the type of HYIP, always remember the risks and never invest bitcoin you can’t afford to lose. If you are unsure about HYIPs, check out my basics page for more information.

Investment Plans

BitAssetsLimited offers three plans based on how much you invest. The first is 2.88% daily for deposits up to 1 BTC. There are a few other plans that pay higher interest such as 3.36% for deposits from 1 BTC to 10 BTC, and 4.32% for deposits above 10 BTC. All plans are principal release for a 10% fee. The site is bitcoin only to keep it nice and simple and has a minimum investment of 0.01 BTC for the first plan.

HYIP Scam Insurance

For BitAssetsLimited I am trialing a new early-scam insurance which is a fund that will be used to compensate my referrals in the event of the HYIP scamming before a set date.

Simply invest using my referral link and you will be covered in the event of the HYIP scamming on or before the 2nd of December 2016. The fund will be distributed between all eligible referrals after scamming. There will be no insurance pay-out if the HYIP scams after the expiry date.

  • Fund Size: 0.5 btc
  • Expires: 2nd December (insurance paid out if HYIP scams on or before then)
  • Redemption: within 48 hours after scamming (time of scam determined by me)
  • Insurance Coverage: variable up to 100%
  • Maximum Cover: 0.1 btc (per referral)

The Insurance Coverage is a variable amount which is based on the fund size, and how much has been invested through For example, if there is 0.5 BTC or less of investment then 100% will be covered. If 1 BTC has been invested then coverage is 50%. This value appears in the HYIP log above and will be updated daily.

To Claim

To claim the insurance you need to check this page for a special form which will appear here if BitAssetsLimited scams before the 2nd of December. The form will only be valid for 48 hours and is the only way to claim – don’t spam me! Simply fill in your details when it appears and submit the form. Once the claim period closes, I will contact you and the fund will be divided up between valid recipients on a pro-rata basis; i.e.- the more you have invested, the more you get back.

NOTE: By using this site and claiming insurance you agree to any conditions.