Bitcoin Doublers

Bitcoin Doublers are generally regarded as the highest risk of all the different HYIPs that are available for investing. This is mainly due to the high payout and consequent short life span of them, but other factors include bad management / greedy admin, poorly setup servers which can’t handle the high traffic load, or API problems which prevent investing and payouts.

The key to investing in doublers is to get in as early as possible and a general rule is that you need to invest within the first 24 hours. I have developed a system to find the good ones quickly and add them here so check back often. You won’t win on all of them, but you will increase your chances.

I do not recommend investing in doublers if you are new to HYIP investing or have a low risk tolerance. And remember, never invest bitcoin you can’t afford to lose. Please check out my basics page if your are new to HYIPs, or read this to see what the risk rating means.

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Table is updated multiple times a day and new doublers may appear any time.

NameStartedPlanMin InvestPaying?Risk
RoyalBit12/16/20162% hourly for 100 hours0.025stat-scamInsane
51 Hours12/15/2016200% after 51 hours0.01stat-scamInsane
Money Bit12/14/20162% hourly for 100 hours0.01stat-scamInsane
Bitcoin Venture12/13/20162% hourly for 100 hours0.01stat-scamInsane
Grower12/12/2016150% after 50 hours0.005stat-scamInsane
Coin Piggies12/6/2016200% after 48 hours0.001stat-scamInsane
Bit Profit12/5/20162% hourly 96 hours0.01stat-scamInsane
CoinMent12/4/2016200% once balance is enough0.001stat-scamInsane
Coin Fast11/30/2016200% after 48 hours0.001stat-scamInsane
Profit Bank11/30/20162% hourly, 100 hours0.01stat-scamInsane
BTC-Funds11/28/20162% every 2 hours for 80 hours0.006stat-scamInsane
CoinDouble11/28/2016200% after 48 hours0.001stat-scamInsane
SwissBit11/26/20162% hourly, 96 hours0.02stat-scamInsane
BitoMine11/25/20160.9% hourly 200 hours0.01stat-scamInsane
TwinBit11/21/20164% hourly for 50 hours0.01stat-scamInsane
Wealth of Bitcoin11/21/20162% hourly, 96 hours0.01stat-scamInsane
Capital Bit11/20/20162% hourly, 96 hours0.001stat-scamInsane
Coinr.cc11/15/2016200% after 100 hours0.001stat-scamInsane
Minerify11/10/20160.9% hourly 200 hours0.01stat-scamInsane