Bitcoin Wonder Machine

Bitcoin Wonder Machine is another faucet-style mobile app from Xapo World where you win free satoshi. It’s much the same as Wheel of Bitcoin, so just download and install it. It’s easy to play, and pays directly to your wallet; however, there is one simple trick to winning big…


To play, all you have to do is click the button and a capsule pops open to reveal a prize ranging from 15 to 1,600 satoshi. You have the option to claim the prize, or hit the double-or-nothing button. You can hit it again if you win and multiply your prize up to 4 times.

You get 3 claims every 30 minutes so you can play all day long if you want, but the same 30 second video ads get a bit tedious. Every 15th claim you trigger frenzy mode where all prizes are multiplied by 5. This takes the top prize to 8,000 satoshi which can then be doubled, and doubled again to 32,000 satoshi. Not bad for a few clicks.

To win big you need to get to frenzy mode and then wait for the 1,600 prize. It will come along, but it can take some time. How much you win is relative to how many ads you have watched, so have some patience and you will be rewarded. Make sure you watch your mobile data usage.

The app is not on Play Store, so you have to make an exception when downloading, and change your settings to get it to install. I’ve been using the app for months with no problems.

Bitcoin Wonder Machine has a retro feel to it, and if you’ve ever been to an arcade, roller rink, or bowling alley you will probably be familiar with the machines that dispense the plastic capsules that contain a prize. Well, this is the bitcoin app equivalent, and it’s pretty cool.

Have fun!