Bitcoin X – bitcoin faucet plus bitcoin multiplier

BitcoinX is a simple bitcoin faucet which combines a multiply feature into the basic claim every hour, as well as a full bitcoin multiplier which you can use any time you want. So, not only can you earn bitcoin from this faucet, you can also gamble bitcoin if you want to.


BitcoinX has been around for a while and is a fairly reliable bitcoin faucet. It has a basic claim of 200 satoshi per hour from the faucet. You can use the faucet multiplier on each claim to increase the payout up to a maximum of 20,000 (100x). However, the odds of getting this decrease to 1%. You also increase the chance of getting much less than the basic amount (down to 2 satoshi) so keep that in mind. All you have to do is move the slider and the payouts and chances of winning are clearly shown.

The full multiplier is slightly different in that you select the winning multiplier, as well as the amount you would like to gamble. The chances of winning are shown, but obviously the higher the win payout, the lower the chance of winning is. You can gamble with your claims from the faucet, or you can deposit bitcoin if you wish.

All of your faucet claims and winnings are stored on the site, and you can withdraw them at any time to Faucet Box once you have over 25,000 satoshi.

So if you like to earn bitcoin as well as gamble bitcoin, then the BitcoinX faucet is for you.

Remember to gamble responsibly.