Bitcoins Blue – another reliable faucet

Bitcoins Blue is just another faucet for you to earn bitcoin from which has been around for a while. It’s pretty basic, but has a nice layout with the usual amount of advertising. It’s not the highest paying, but it is reliable and doesn’t have any sneaky tricks.


It’s pretty simple to use as well, but it can vary a bit. When you visit the site you will need to insert your wallet address and then wait for 10 seconds before you can click the ‘Login’ button. Then you will need to wait another 10 seconds for the captcha to appear – it normally appears somewhere in the middle of the page.

Once complete you will need to find the ‘Claim’ button and click it. Sometimes it will be a ‘Go to Claim’ button which will open a small pop-up window with the ‘Claim’ button on it, and sometimes you will need to click a few ‘Unlock’ links first.

The site pays direct to Faucet Box either 500 or 1,00 satoshi. It doesn’t specify the odds of each payout, but it seems to be about 50% which is good. You can claim every 720 minutes which is 12 hours. Also, you can check the balance near the bottom of the page first to see if you will get paid or not.

Overall, Bitcoins Blue is a reliable bitcoin faucet that just keeps on paying, which is nice given the number of scam faucets around at the moment. So, off to it and earn some bitcoin.