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Just a few weeks ago the bitcoin HYIPs were scamming all over the place, but in the blink of an eye they have come good and there are some brilliant ones running at the moment. BitDeposit appears to be the latest offering from the BitMinister crew – and it looks like it is a cracker.

So, if you have lost some bitcoin recently, like me and many of my readers, you may be sitting on the sidelines and holding on to your bitcoin. This is a smart move; but, you should not wait too long as you will miss the first of the new wave of bitcoin HYIPs, and by the time you get back in it might be scam season again.

BitDeposit has been running for a few days now and is paying well. You may have noticed it on my HYIP monitor along with some other new ones which are also performing well. So soon after scam season you say? Well, that’s the nature of the HYIP industry – it moves rapidly and you need to be ready for anything!

Investment Plans

I love it when a bitcoin HYIP keeps it simple – and a single plan is about as simple as you can get when you invest bitcoin. 5% daily forever (or until scamming) paid hourly into your account. This will see you reach 100% ROI in 20 days. The minimum deposit is 0.01 BTC and you can release your principal at anytime for a 5% fee with no other hidden fees like some HYIPs, which is great.

In keeping it simple, there is no compounding so you will need to add more deposits to do this. The minimum withdrawal is 0.0005 BTC which is how much you will earn each day with the minimum deposit. Payments are instant and there are no nasty surprises at the time of writing.


I rate BitDeposit as excellent due to the type of HYIP and past performance of related HYIPs. However, I do feel the risk is moderate to high due to the higher daily rate of 5% for this type of HYIP. It will be interesting to see how long it can last past the 100% ROI point (20 days). I have a feeling that it will but obviously that is no guarantee that it will. The good news is that there is a definite up-trend in the HYIP industry which will be pleasing many investors – let’s hope BitDeposit can carry that on.

Overall: 4

Risk: 2

As always, you can track the progress of this and all my investments on my bitcoin HYIP monitor and never invest bitcoin you can’t afford to lose

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