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BitDragon – trading and investment

BitDragon is a new bitcoin trading and investment company run by experienced industry veterans offering investment plans for secure and life-long returns. The company specializes in bitcoin investment through a user-friendly platform designed to assist investors in making good decisions. As a bonus, BitDragon has high-paying investment plans which almost guarantee you great returns in a very short amount of time.


The real beauty of bitcoin is the ease of use which you simply don’t get with normal fiat money due to regulations and greedy banks. But, unfortunately bitcoin continues to receive much negative media attention making it hard for regular people to begin investing or even get started with bitcoin. This is certainly a shame, but those who have bothered to look deeper into bitcoin would see how much potential it has and also the gains bitcoin holders have had just this year. And, for those with strong stomachs, investing that bitcoin in opportunities like BitDragon have seen even greater returns.

Here at I repeatedly mention two things: 1) Never invest bitcoin you can’t afford to lose, and 2) Investment programs like BitDragon are so simple. All you do it create an account through the website which requires nothing more than to register and then deposit some bitcoin – that’s all there is to it – “invest and earn”.  However, I should point out that BitDragon is actually a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) and is high risk way to invest bitcoin. Please see my basics page for more information about HYIPs and investing in HYIPs.

Investment Plans

BitDragon has three investment plans based on how much you invest – the larger the amount that you invest, the higher the daily interest rate you will get. The following is a summary of the plans:

  1. Starter – 9% daily, 0.001 to 5 BTC
  2. Medium – 10% daily, 5.0001 to 10 BTC
  3. Professional – 12% daily, 10.0001 to 30 BTC

All three plans are principal included which means that your deposit does work for lifetime – but this also means that you can’t get your deposit back during the investment. The first plan of 9% daily will see you to 100% ROI in approximately 11 days, and then pure profit from there. Many programs of this type have run beyond 150% in recent times, but obviously this is no guarantee for this one.

As usual, the site is bitcoin only, and the minimum investment is 0.001 for the first plan which is great for new investors, but make sure you check the bitcoin fees before investing as they can eat into profits quickly. Payments are added to your account every 24 hours and you can withdraw your profit once you have more than 0.0004 BTC in your account. Withdrawals are instant at time of writing.


BitDragon has a number of excellent features, but really the biggest selling point is the dedicated and experienced admin who has run a number of successful programs recently. As such, I rate it 4 out of 5 stars but feel that it is only short-term (up to 30 days) due to the high 9% daily interest. Anyway, the main features of the program are as follows:

  • Fixed principal included investment plan
  • Daily accruals of interest
  • Unlimited investment term
  • 5,1,1% referral commission structure
  • Bitcoin only
  • Automatic Withdrawals
  • COMODO SSL Certificate


BitDragon is the latest in line of high-paying investment programs delivered from one of favorite admin who has consistently delivered for early investors. Each program seems to perform better indicating a growing reputation in the industry and therefore more investor confidence. Regardless, you should always remember the risks with any type of program and never invest bitcoin that you can’t afford to lose.

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