Bitify – bitcoin marketplace and auction site

If you’ve been following my blog, by now you should have some nice shiny bitcoins, and are probably just itching to spend them. Or, maybe you’ve got some stuff lying around that you just don’t use and are wondering how to convert it to bitcoin. Well Bitify is the only way…

Bitify is a bitcoin marketplace and auction site along the lines of another large site which doesn’t accept bitcoins and will remain nameless. So, move on, and go buy and sell things directly with bitcoin. You can even use litecoin!

Bitify is an Australian registered business that was started by two developers in their spare time back in September 2013, and since then it has grown to become the largest bitcoin marketplace. It has processed over US$2.5m through its escrow service, which makes it the most widely used bitcoin escrow service.


The site has a diverse range of products from computer hardware and software, digital games, and gift cards to motor cars, real estate, gold, and silver. Sellers can list items for free, and then pay a 2.5% fee on every item sold. It is free to browse and purchase on the site.

They have recently added an account verification system which should strengthen the reputation of the site as it will give both buyers and sellers much more confidence. It does remove some of the anonymity of bitcoin, but you’re kidding yourself if you think you can buy/sell anything anonymously on the Internet anyway.

The site is continuing to grow and there are many things planned such as adding tools for sellers to better manage their sales, security enhancements, and improving customer service.

So, dust off some of your old crap (or new) and get it on Bitify today.