BitPTP – not just a faucet

BitPTP is not just a faucet, but a whole bitcoin advertising concept where you can create small ads that are then rotated on the site according to how many credits you have. The more you use it, and the more traffic you send to the site, the more bitcoin and advertising credit you earn.


The faucet is a simple luck-based one where you can roll six dices and the amount you win is based on how many sixes you roll. The basic win is 10 satoshi and it is doubled for every six that you roll to a maximum prize of 320 satoshi. You can claim every hour and all your winnings are held onsite and paid to Faucet Box automatically once you reach 2,500 satoshi.

The advertising side of the site consists of two complimentary sections; one where you create ads, and the other where you earn advertising credit. You can create a simple text-based ad or the standard 468×60 banner ad. If you think this is not for you – have a read of my post about Mellow ads which might give you some ideas.

You earn advertising credit when you claim from the faucet as well as traffic that you refer to the site. The credit is broken into impressions which is the number of times your ad will be seen, and clicks which is obviously how many clicks your ad can receive. There are limits on how much credit you can earn so it allows everyone to have their ad displayed. If you are going to advertise, keep in mind that there is also advertising from the usual crowd on the site as well.

So overall I think BitPTP is a brilliant idea and it shows what can be done with a little bit of initiative and a lot of coding. Although, it’s still a new site and traffic numbers are small at the moment, they are picking up every day.

I even have a stacksofcoin.com ad on the front page which I placed through Adbit.