Bits for Clicks – earn by viewing ads

If you love advertisements, then you are just going to go nuts for Pay-Per-Click advertising sites. The idea has been around for a while and there are tons around that pay in US dollars; but, now there are a growing number that pay in our beloved bitcoin.

The concept is pretty simple – just click on an ad and view for the required time period and you get paid the specified amount of bitcoin. The level of payout depends on the ad, but can range from a few satoshi to in excess of 2,000 per click.

You will need to register for each site and log in each time to view the ads. The sites vary, but generally you will have a list of ads to choose from ranging in payout level and viewing time.

I use and recommend the following three as they have a good reputation and always payout on time. In addition, the payout levels are reasonable and the ads are of decent quality:

Granted, you will earn more bitcoin doing just about anything else, but the main reason I do this is to get a snapshot of what’s moving in the bitcoin world. As the majority of ads are Bitcoin-based, you can get a good idea of what sites are being promoted and how heavily. For faucets and HYIPs (high-yield investment programs) it can help assess the status of them. It’s a good sign if they are still spending on advertising as they should be around for the short-term at least.

So, like faucets, pay-per-click advertising is not going to make you rich but if you are organized and in front of your computer anyway, then you might as well be stacking up some satoshi.