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BitStorm – the best crypto investment solution

BitStorm is the latest incarnation of the 10Bit HYIP format to invest bitcoin which pays 10% daily forever. This style of HYIP is becoming increasingly popular, and almost every one I have invested in over the last few months have returned more than 100%. The question is, can BitStorm carry the torch as well?

Let’s hope so… but remember, this is a HYIP which could unplug at anytime and disappear with your bitcoin (and mine). If you are new to HYIPs then check out my basics page. If not, lets take a look at BitStorm.

Investment Plans

BitStorm offers three plans based on how much you invest. Up to 5 BTC will get you the 10% daily forever plan which is more than enough. There is also a 12% plan for 5 BTC and above, and a 15% daily plan for 10 BTC and above. Please let sanity prevail and only invest bitcoin you can afford to lose.

All plans are principal included and you cannot get your principal back ever. The minimum deposit for the first plan is 0.001 BTC which is great if you want to get some HYIP experience, and the minimum withdrawal is 0.0001 which is how much you will earn each day with the minimum deposit. The site is bitcoin only, profits are paid only once per day, and withdrawals are instant to your bitcoin wallet.

The Website

The site is professional looking and very much a clone of the now scammed 15Bit from a month ago. As with all of these sites, all the information is available on either the front page or the FAQs and there are no nasty surprises or traps for unwary investors. However, there is a debit card option if you really want to hand over your personal identification information – don’t do this!

As usual, to get started, just sign up, log in, and deposit some bitcoin to the address given. The plan will be automatically selected for you when you specify the deposit size. There is no compounding available, so you will have to reinvest if you want to do this, but keep in mind these are short-term HYIPs and only do it for the first few days if you do.


I rate BitStorm as excellent and am more than happy to invest in this style of HYIP. I’m pretty sure one of these HYIPs will instant scam, but I think it is more likely to be one of the cheaper copy-cat sites which are easy to spot. As such, I rate the risk as only moderate as it’s unlikely you will lose all of your bitcoin, but there still is a chance you will lose some. Remember the risks.

Advertising is fairly aggressive which is typical of these HYIPs, and it’s reputation and investment inflow is rising rapidly. This is a good sign, but remember that HYIPs that pay this high are only short-term so you will need to get in early if you want to make it to 100%. As much as I love this style of HYIP, I still only recommend an investment of up to 10% of your portfolio.

Overall: 4

Risk: 2

You can follow the progress of this and all of my investments on my bitcoin HYIP monitor page. Please check the status of BitStorm there before investing. Lastly, never invest bitcoin you can’t afford to lose.

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  1. hahahaha not paying anymore… bullsh*t bitstorm… you can withdraw and process but not going thru your wallet it seems like a pending.. still on process in your dashboard withdrawal.

    1. The system is designed to produce a fake hash which is pretty common from HYIPs, but not for this admin – maybe times are tough for them!

    1. according to them, they are under DDos attack now, resolving and shortly will back. hopefully all going well just 11days

    2. OK, thanks for sharing that. It’s pretty common for HYIPs to get attacked so hope they can handle it.

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