BitWealth – 12% daily for 12 days

7th April: Problems – DO NOT INVEST!

That works out to a total of 144%, but of course everyone remembers their 12 times tables from school, don’t they? Anyway, BitWealth is another bitcoin HYIP with a slight difference paying a fixed return for a fixed period of time. It is still new, but it is gaining a decent reputation already.


Another HYIP so soon after I was bad mouthing them the other day? Well, that’s the rapid nature of the HYIP industry. In any case, I had my eye on this one as well, but got a little over excited about PinBTC.

So, it’s pretty simple, 12% daily will see you break even in around 8 days (100%), and then sit back and enjoy 4 days of profit. There is one little trick – interest is only calculated on weekdays – apparently the bitcoin mining activities that BitWealth are ‘engaged’ in has the weekend off. Anyway, minimum deposit of 0.001 and withdrawals are instant – so far so good.

Remember the risks and check my HYIP section if you are unsure about this and you can track my progress on my bitcoin HYIP monitor.