Bonus Bitcoin – an up and coming faucet

Bonus Bitcoin is a new faucet with some nice features including a 5% daily bonus and special days where  the claim interval changes so you can claim more often. So far withdrawals are fast and popularity is growing, but can it last?…

The faucet requires you to log in using an email address which must be verified so make sure you use one you can access. The site seems fairly legitimate but use a secondary account if you are concerned.

You can claim from the faucet every 15 minutes and the amount varies between 500 and 5,000 satoshi. It’s pretty simple, just scroll to the bottom and complete the captcha and click ‘claim’. Your claims accumulate on site and you can withdraw any time once your balance is over 10,000 with no fees. Remember to keep your password handy as you will need it to withdraw even after you’re logged in.

It may not be immediately obvious but you can use the 5% daily bonus and get compound growth on your balance (i.e.- 5% daily growth). If used correctly this compounding is another bonus, and I for one, think Bonus Bitcoin should be called Bonus-Bonus Bitcoin, or Bonus-x2 Bitcoin, or Bonus-squared Bitcoin… OK, I’ll stop.

To get the most from this bonus simply don’t withdraw any of the balance until it has built up to a moderate level. If you have 100,000 balance you will receive 5,000 bonus, but if you have 1,000,000, you will receive 50,000 bonus. Once you get to a level you are happy with, you can start withdrawing the bonus plus whatever you claim on top of that. Too Easy.

There is some risk here if the faucet runs dry or disappears altogether, but Bonus Bitcoin seems to be here for the long haul given it’s advertising and social media effort. But remember, it is one of the highest paying at the moment so I expect payouts will reduce soon once they have gained a solid reputation.

So, what are you waiting for… give it a go!

NOTE: You will need to claim at least once per day to get the ‘daily’ bonus.