Bonus Bitcoin – is it done for?

I’ve blogged about the faucet Bonus Bitcoin previously sprouting all sorts of stuff about how awesome it is. I also, posed the question: Can it last? Well, it looks like the answer is a big fat NO!

Just made a claim from the shiny new faucet only to find the payout is significantly lower and a message pops up saying that their Google Adsense account had been disabled. It also mentions that they will receive no revenue from December or January and that withdrawals are disabled until further notice. In plain English, they’re screwed!

This comes shortly after Bonus Bitcoin reversed their bonus policy of 5% on all faucet balances. This ‘Bonus’ was pretty much fundamental to their operation and growing popularity, and was a real kick in the pants to avid users like me.

Just goes to show if you put all your eggs in one basket like they did with Adsense, then you can get badly burnt if anything changes, or if they finally enforce their policy of no more than 3 ad units per page. Many of these faucets use lots more clearly violating this policy. This isn’t the first time Google has quickly ripped the offender a new one, and it certainly won’t be the last.

As many of the big faucets rely heavily on Adsense revenue, you may have noticed others such as Moonbit have significantly reduced payout levels. The concept of a bitcoin faucet goes somewhat against the policy of Adsense and the faucets highly leveraged to it, and running the risk, really were a ticking time bomb.

Suddenly it seems that the future of faucets is in more investment type sites like Cannon Satoshi and City Satoshi which partly rely on some users investing small amounts rather than ad revenue alone. Also, more sites like Free Bitcoin, which has it’s own gambling option should also start to appear.

It should also be noted that these popular bitcoin faucets receive such a massive number of hits that it should only be a short time before another advertising site can get it together and fill the void if Google does take the hard line and remove the sword altogether.

So, it might be a bit harder to stack up your coin at the moment, so best to watch out for our giveaways here, and on our Facebook page.