Bonus Bitcoin – Update

I blogged here about Bonus Bitcoin when it was still fairly new on the scene. Well, I’m pleased to report that this faucet is still going strong with reliable payments and a growing reputation. It is running a fairly aggressive social media campaign and one of the benefits of this for us is that is frequently decreasing the claim interval and increasing the daily bonus. So, is this the best faucet around or not?

Yes, I believe that is most certainly is. The faucet is pretty simple so there is not much more I can add to what I wrote in my first blog; however, I do want to mention the 5% daily bonus again.

This is a form of investment where you initially invest the time to claim to build up your balance, and then use that balance as capital to earn the 5% daily bonus on. Interestingly, 5% daily is more than most HYIPs out there. Obviously, you are not going to retire on this bonus but it might be a nice source of pocket money.

Personally, I have a balance over 2 million and am withdrawing 100,000 satoshi a day for claiming only once. Easy satoshi, especially when you’re on holidays like me.

So do yourself a favor and start transitioning from fauceting to investing with Bonus Bitcoin.

One thought on “Bonus Bitcoin – Update”

  1. Sorry to say, but Bonus Bitcoin have changed their bonus policy so now you only get 5% on claims the previous 72 hours. So, bye-bye to the easy satoshi. Bummer!

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