Deposit Included HYIP RCB 100% SCAM

BTCConsultancy – enhance your returns

BTCConsultancy is a new bitcoin investment company designed to simplify the process of investing and provide everyone with high returns for very little effort. And, at a variable 6% to 8% daily return and all you have to do is deposit some bitcoin – well, I think they have achieved what they set out to do. But, should you invest?

Yeah, maybe, but as investors it always pays to think carefully about all our investments and make sure we are well prepared for any outcome – not just the positive one. So, with that in mind let’s take a look at BTCConsultancy.

Firstly, a quick examination of the first two claims:

  1. Simple – all you have to do is deposit bitcoin – tick
  2. High Returns – at a variable 6 to 8% daily, that is certainly is true as well

So, the main claims are definitely true, and based on that you would be excused if you thought that you should run out and deposit your life savings on this remarkable system. But, there is also one other claim on the site about the minimal level of risk that we should think about. One basic rule of investment is that the higher the risk, the higher the return. We have already established this program has high returns, so if you haven’t already guessed, this is a HYIP which is one of the highest risk ways to invest bitcoin. For further information, please see my basics page on HYIP investing.

But, if you love high returns and are willing to accept that one of these risks is total loss of your investment, then BTCConsultancy might be the program for you. The high returns means it is very fast to 100% ROI, and each day after that it is pure profit. Contrast this to lower paying programs where it may take months to break-even, yet the same risks are present. In addition, it has an experienced admin who has run some great programs including BitAssetsLimited from November last year.

Investment Plans

BTCConsultancy has a single plan which pays variable interest from 6 to 8% daily, principal included. This will see you to 100% ROI in anywhere from 13 to 17 days depending on the interest paid and when you invest. Profit is paid once daily to your account and you can withdraw it from there. The site is bitcoin only and the minimum investment is 0.01 BTC for the only plan. The minimum withdrawal is 0.001 BTC which may be a bit high for investors on the lower end, so keep that in mind. Lastly, make sure you set your bitcoin wallet address on your profile page or your withdrawal will not work.

Investment Strategy

This program is nice and simple and there isn’t much to do other than invest nice and early and then withdraw when you can. There is no compounding available, but you can reinvest your profit from your account balance if you wish to increase your potential earnings. Obviously, it needs to be over the minimum deposit before you can do this, and remember the risks.

RCB Offer

For BTCConsultancy I am offering 100% RCB (referral commission back). To claim your RCB, simply use the contact form or email after you have invested and send the following details:

  • The email address you used for BTCConsultancy
  • How much and when you invested
  • A screenshot of you main account/cabinet page
  • A bitcoin wallet address

NOTE: RCBs will be paid after it scams so make sure you claim before then. Your claim must have all of the above items and the text “BTCConsult RCB” in the subject line or top of message, and it must not be accompanied with any other claim or correspondence. No exceptions.