BTC-Traders – Powerful Investment Service

28th April: Problems with Payments – DO NOT INVEST!

BTC-Traders is a powerful investment service with a crack team of market leading experts… or so the website says. Yeah right, it’s just another bitcoin HYIP with the standard business website front-end for you to invest bitcoin in. Although, it has three basic plans which are bit different from the norm.

The plans on BTC-Traders HYIP are a little different as they allow you to choose the higher daily profits without having a huge deposit. Most HYIPs require increasingly larger deposits to get the higher earning rates. There is one catch, to get these higher rates you need to lock into a longer investment term and your principal is not returned until after the investment term is finished.

The following table outlines the three investment options:

Daily Profit Min Deposit Invest Term Principal Returned 100% ROI
3% 0.001 10 days Yes 33.3 days
4% 0.001 60 days Yes 25 days
5% 0.001 180 days Yes 20 days

The higher profit rates sound nice, but a term of 180 days is unrealistic and you are unlikely to get your principal back. However, as the interest is 5% per day you actually reach 100% ROI much quicker; but, is this better? This can be confusing, so let’s do an example.

Say you invest in the 3% for 10 days plan, at the end of 10 days you will have your principal back and 30% profit. Now again invest the same principal and in another 10 days you have 60%, one more time you have 90% and your principal back. Yay 190% in 30 days. If you continue this on you get 220% in 40 days, 250% in 50 days, and 280% in 60 days and so on. You can reinvest your profit each time and get much more but I’ll leave those calculations to you.

Now lets say you invest the same principal in the 5% plan, in 30 days you will have 150% which is less than the 3 runs of the 3% plan and your principal is still stuck. However, if it runs for longer you will get to 200% in 40 days, 250% in 50 days, and 300% in 60 days. So you will need a miracle, but you can get more profit this way. Obviously you will really win if it runs for 180 days.

I think 60 days is probably as far as it could go so the 4% plan is actually the best based on that time frame (240% + principal back), but more likely BTC-Traders will run for less than 30 days. So, if you want to play it safe go for 1 or 2 times of the 3% plan. Or if you have balls of steel, then go for the 4% or 5% plan and pray, but remember to withdraw often.

You can get more info on how to invest bitcoin on my HYIP basics page, and you can track progress on my bitcoin HYIP monitor page.

Happy HYIPing and remember the risks.