Deposit Included HYIP RCB 100% SCAM

BTCRocket – Bitcoin Rocket Limited

BTCRocket, aka Bitcoin Rocket Limited, is a new bitcoin investment and cryptocurrency company offering world-class financial services. The site actually goes on and on about this stuff for about four paragraphs, but I simply couldn’t be bothered reading it all. Anyway, basically it’s an 11% daily HYIP so you better get in quick, or not at all.

Actually this one should be called a VHYIP, or Very High Yield Investment Program as it pays 11% daily with no limit on terms. This basically means that the longer you leave it, the higher risk it becomes. Yes, you could say that about any HYIP, but take a minute to work out how much incoming investment each day needs to cover the 11% going out each day. Hint: it’s a lot!

The buzz around town is that BTCRocket is by the same admin as BitDay, whether this is true or not I can’t say, but let’s take a look at some of the similarities:

  1. It offers the same plan
  2. It is hosted from the same location
  3. The admin ignore all contact
  4. It has huge ad-buys on CoinAd and Mellow Ads
  5. It appeared within days of BitDay scamming

So, yeah it probably is the same admin, but I like to confirm with some hard evidence before I throw huge investments on “known-admin” HYIPs. There is a good reason for this – it is highly possible that BTCRocket is a copy-cat HYIP hoping to cash in on the brilliant run of BitDay. If this is true, then we will probably see a scam within a few days after the first inflow of investment. Hopefully not, as I don’t want to lose my modest investment!

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Investment Plans

There are three plans available from BTCRocket for you to invest bitcoin in; the first offers 11% daily for deposits from 0.001 to 300 BTC, the second is 13% daily for deposits from 6 to 200 BTC, while the third is 16% daily for deposits from 15 to 150 BTC. Let sanity prevail and invest only in the first plan. The minimum withdrawal is 0.0001 BTC and the site is bitcoin only. Remember to never invest bitcoin you can’t afford to lose.


The website for BTCRocket is pretty standard and not unlike BitDay. The most troubling thing for me is the BTCRocket Plastic Card, of which there is absolutely no information. Obviously, don’t bother with even asking about one of those. Other than that, the site features SSL and Green Bar COMODO connection, and there are no nasty surprises waiting for you on the inside (until scamming that is). To get started simply sign-up and deposit some bitcoin.


18th OctoberSign up and add initial investment. Alexa rank: 2,203,256
19th OctoberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa rank: 1,573,206
20th OctoberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa rank: 852,432
21st OctoberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa rank: 374,840
22nd OctoberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa rank: 239,508
23rd OctoberPayment received, instant withdrawal. Alexa rank: 215,476
24th OctoberPayment pending, problems. Alexa rank: 187,497
25th OctoberScam. Alexa rank: 166,233


A weak performance from BTCRocket in what appears to be an attempt to cash-in on the performance of BitDay. If it truly was BitDay admin then it would be more likely that they would run it longer to build up it’s reputation and get more investment. Anyway, another lesson in why you should treat each HYIP the same and never trust the admin – even if you actually know who it is.

8 thoughts on “BTCRocket – Bitcoin Rocket Limited”

  1. I invested $130 and was about to invest another $300 the first of November. I am sitting here in shock that it looks like I have been taken for a ride. This sucks!

    1. Hi Bruce, sorry to hear about your loss, and yes you are right, they don’t care. Take some time and have a look around my site and get some more information about HYIPs (aka scams) so you can spot them easily. Feel free to ask anything either in the chat, comments, or contact. All the best.

    2. Bitday did the same to me, I invested $190 and compounded all my daily profit until it produced 0.1 bitcoin a day, came to that stage I was unable to withdraw. And so when I saw this btcrocket it immediately remind me of that suck Bitday. Now I’m very much comfortable investing in aimbtc and coinn.

  2. Guess so about btcrocket.

    The is not listed in your hyip list, is it safe to follow its program for 5 months?

    1. Don’t know much about it, but Bc prime has already been running 6 months so it might be very risky

  3. Btw, between Rocket and Coinn cryptocurrency, which one is more reliable?

    Got scammed by Bitday and so 11% daily is another scam in the making.

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