Call NASA, I’ve found a moon with no dark side.

As far as faucets go, Moon Bitcoin really does eclipse most others. It may not be the highest paying or most popular, but as JRR Tolkien said “moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars” and Moon Bitcoin certainly does this…

If you are going to use one faucet, then Moon Bitcoin (aka Moonbit) has to be the one. It is filled with the usual plethora of advertisements from many services including google ads, mellow ads, adbit, coinad,… the list goes on; as well as the usual faucet referral links and obligatory spiel on Bitcoin.

The unique selling point of Moonbit is the variable claim time ranging from 5 minutes to whatever you decide. The claim amount continues to grow the longer you leave it but will slow down over time so don’t think you’ll come back in a year and be rich. The increase rate is linked to the Bitcoin price so it will slow down as the price increases and vice-versa.

Moonbit also has a 50% referral rate which means you claim 50% of each claim for every person you refer. Another nice feature is various incentives to increase faucet usage including a daily bonus which accumulates at 1% per day, a referral bonus which also increases at 1% per active referral you send, and finally a mystery bonus of up to 100%. So, spend the time visiting and getting referral links and you could claim up to triple (300%) the faucet amount.

Lastly, the site has two payment options:

  1. Direct to a Xapo wallet which is selected when you sign in with the same email address linked to your wallet
  2. Onsite accumulation where each time you claim it gets added up and is paid out to your specified wallet address weekly

In summary, not all faucets shine, but Moonbit shines on… like the moon and the stars and the sun.