Cannon Satoshi – mining with mortars

Cannon Satoshi is a new investment style game from the makers of Farm Satoshi and it is a much simpler concept – buy cannons, flame throwers, mortars, and rocket launchers and blow up a mine containing a bucket load of bitcoin and claim it.

Yep, that’s pretty much it. There are no fancy graphics, CGI explosions, or any real tricks to the game – just good timing and an understanding of some basic investment principles such as profit margin and return on investment.

Cannon Satoshi

All players are racing to get the bitcoin from a single mine so to maximize earnings you need to get in early and build your cannons efficiently.

Each player starts with 15,000 satoshi and from this you need to buy cannons and begin upgrading them to higher levels to earn more satoshi. You must also buy oil to run the cannons as well as upgrade your oil supply to keep them running for long periods. Once they run out, they stop producing.

The building and upgrading of cannons takes time and can be sped up using gems. You start with 50 gems but you will run out quickly. There is an option to purchase more gems, but they start at 1 million satoshi for 200 and you are unlikely to get this back in the time frame expected.

The first round of Cannon Satoshi started on the 18th November loaded with 2,500 bitcoins and it lasted until the 8th of January (approx 42 days). A new one started today but is only 250 bitcoins so will run for much less time. However, there have also been some adjustments to the cannon production numbers and prices which seems to have been done to increase longevity of the mine.

The game can be frustrating early on as you will be watching your balance build up very slowly. However, once you have a number of high-level cannons you will start to see it grow more quickly. Then you will need to decide whether to keep building or start withdrawing your earnings.

There are no real tips other than to get in early when everyone is building cannons rather than collecting bitcoin. Also, keep in mind that the mine balance will decrease faster and faster as each player builds up their arsenal (earning potential).

So, get building, and start blowing stuff up on Cannon Satoshi for stacks of coin!