City Satoshi – Server 1 end time

Think you know when the City Satoshi Server 1 will end? Whether you are going for the top or withdrawing, you will be watching the server countdown and trying to work out when it will end. So, Stacks of Coin is giving you the chance to predict the end and win big.

That’s right, nice and simple. All you have to do is comment your chosen date and time that you think it will end on this post and you could win.

Please read and understand all of this before commenting

All times need to be in UTC so make sure you work this out for the time zone you are in before you comment. Google UTC if you don’t know what it is!

Prize List

If you correctly guess the end time (to the minute), the prize you win is determined by when you commented. The following table lists the prize for the day you comment.

Comment Date Prize (satoshi)
8th Feb 500,000
9th Feb 250,000
10th Feb 150,000
11th Feb 100,000
12th Feb 80,000
13th Feb 60,000
14th Feb 40,000
15th Feb 20,000
16th Feb 10,000

Each day the prize reduces, so get in early or comment every day to improve your chances. Only one comment per day per person or you’ll kill my blog and then no one wins! I will delete multiples.

NOTE: If it looks like the server will still be running after the 16th Feb, I will add some more prize days.

Extra Details

  • Make sure you leave a valid email address when you comment – you will need to reply to an email from me to claim the prize if you win.
  • Make sure you check other comments first because if multiple same times win, only the first one that commented it on the day will win the prize.
  • Someone will win regardless – If no one gets the exact minute I will pick whoever is closest to the finish time without going past the actual finish time.

 Comment Format

To make it easier for me, use the following 24 hour format: day/month/year @ hour:minute. That’s right, down to the minute.


I think the server will end on the 14/02/2016 @ 14:07

NOTE: My decision is final, so no whinging.

Too easy!