City Satoshi: Sim City with bitcoin

City Satoshi is a yet another investment style game from the makers of Farm Satoshi and Cannon Satoshi with a lot of similarities of game play between the two. The main difference? You build a city of course!

Yep, dead simple, build buildings, feed the people, and collect your money. If you love Sim City and bitcoin, then this faucet game is for you.

Each player starts with 80,000 satoshi and from this you need to buy your buildings and begin upgrading them to higher levels to earn more satoshi. You must also buy food to run the buildings as well as upgrade your food warehouse to keep the city running for long periods. Once the people run out of food, you stop earning.

City Satoshi

There are a number of different buildings to choose from all with different earning rates. So choose wisely to get the highest return on your money. The earnings and returns are much higher than Cannon Satoshi but you will still run out of satoshi quickly and have to sit waiting to build more.

The building and upgrading takes time and, like the others can be sped up using gems. You start with 320 gems but you will run out quickly. There is an option to purchase more gems, but they start at 1 million satoshi for 1500, which is a lot more than the other games, but you are unlikely to get this back in the time frame expected. You can also buy more builders to speed things up but these also cost lots of gems.

So, for maximum satoshi get in early and start building. Don’t forget to collect your bonus from the bank every 8 hours – it can make a big difference early on.

Think you know when the server will end? Guess and win here.