CoinsCrypt – Profitable Investment Packages

CoinScrypt is another investment company involved in crypto-something-or-other – who knows, it doesn’t actually matter as it’s a solid paying HYIP which is gaining a reputation quickly. It offers three of the more common plans for bitcoin HYIPs based on how much you invest.

So yeah, usual story with nothing overly special or outstanding, but definitely worthy of a closer look if you are willing to invest bitcoin (risk) in a promising bitcoin HYIP. Check my basics page if you are new to this kind of thing.

Investment Plans

There are three investment plans which are selected by how much you invest. Up to 3 BTC will get you 2.8% daily, which will get you to 100% ROI in about 36 days. For all plans you can release your principal at anytime which is a typical feature of this type of bitcoin HYIP. The other plans are 3.5% daily for deposits up to 20 BTC, and 5% daily for deposits larger than 20 BTC.

The site is bitcoin only, and the minimum deposit is 0.01 BTC for the 2.8% plan. Profits are paid every hour into your account balance, and the minimum withdrawal is 0.0001. Payments are instant.

The Website

The website is a your pretty standard offering which is pleasing and easy to navigate. All the information is available on the site before signing up which is a nice touch – i.e.- no surprises! As for most HYIPs, to get started, just sign up, log in, and deposit some bitcoin to the address given. The plan will be automatically selected for you when you specify the deposit size. There is no compounding available, so you will have to reinvest if you want to do this.


I rate CoinScrypt as excellent due to the type of plans available, and the fact that your principal can be released anytime. Advertising is fairly aggressive and it’s reputation is growing quite quickly so it should be stable enough to get to 100% ROI (36 days). Up to 10% of your portfolio is a reasonable investment size, but if you are more experienced you could possibly risk more (20%) for short term investment, and reinvestment. Remember the risks.

Overall: 4


As always, don’t invest bitcoin you can’t afford to lose, and you can check the progress of all my investments on my bitcoin HYIP monitor page.