CryptoInfinity – bitcoin cloud mining

17th May 2016: Scam – DO NOT INVEST!

CryptoInfinity is yet another HYIP involved in bitcoin mining and is apparently the cloud mining experience we have been looking for. But, before you sigh and click away, hear me out as it is a standout in a long list of bitcoin HYIPs. It’s been online for over a week now but it is not too late to invest bitcoin.

Also, I believe that it somehow related to 10Bit which I blogged about the other day. This pairing is similar to BitWealth and BitROI from a few months ago which both popped up together, and both scammed at similar times – more than just a coincidence. Anyway, both of these are now scams so don’t invest.

The good news is that CryptoInfinity is not a scam and it’s paying like a boss!

Investment Plans

There are two plans to choose from which are based on how much you invest. Up to 5 BTC will get you 4% per day while over 5 BTC will get you 4.5% per day. Obviously go with less than 5 BTC and get the 4% daily which is fairly solid. Both plans don’t include principal, and this can be released at any time for 0% fee – which is great.

This investment plan will see you reach 100% ROI in just 25 days. It should run longer, but just release your principal at a point you are happy with if you are a nervous investor.

The site is bitcoin only and the minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC, while the minimum withdrawal is 0.0001 BTC. Profits are paid every hour and can be withdrawn to your bitcoin wallet when over the minimum. To release your deposit, got to “Deposit List” and hit the “Release” link. Remember that you will still need to withdraw from your account from there.

The Website

As for 10Bit, the website is adequate and doesn’t try to pretend to be anything it’s not. All the information is available before registering, and everything works as it should including payments which are instant to your bitcoin wallet once you hit withdrawal.

To get started, just sign up, log in, and deposit some bitcoin.There is no compounding available which is unusual for this type of HYIP, but I feel this adds to the longevity of the HYIP.


Overall, I rate CryptoInfinity as excellent due to the style of bitcoin HYIP, and the fact that there are no release fees. As such, I feel CryptoInfinity is only moderately risky if you manage your deposits smartly and don’t get too greedy. If you are aiming for more than 100% ROI plus principal back, I only recommend an investment of up to 10% of your total portfolio, but if you are going for short term profits of 20-50% (plus principal back) then up to 20% of your portfolio should be OK. Remember the risks!

Overall: 4

Risk: 2

As always, follow my progress and check the risk meters of all HYIPs on my bitcoin HYIP monitor. Also, remember to not invest bitcoin you can’t afford to lose.