Cryptonium – catch phrase not needed

A HYIP named Cryptonium might be Superman’s worst nightmare, but a HYIP that pays 10% daily is certainly not my worst nightmare. This type of HYIP is becoming very popular to invest bitcoin in, and it’s not surprising given that it only takes 10 days to reach 100% ROI.

Even the best HYIPs are high-risk, so it is nice to get to the 100% ROI point quickly, and it seems that this particular style is gaining popularity which makes them a bit more reliable. Even just a few months ago it was hard to imagine a HYIP paying this high would last, but more recent examples like 10Bit, 15Bit, and BitcoDaily which is still running, have really proven the point.

It should be noted that they are only short-term HYIPs and investing after the 20 day point can be very risky. So, to profit you need to get in early, and to do this you need a reliable HYIP monitor like mine which you check every day so you can catch them on day 1 or 2.

Investment Plans

There are actually 3 plans all up, but you will need to invest more than 10 BTC to get them, so keep some sanity and go with the 10% daily plan for deposits up to 10 BTC – although I wouldn’t recommend more than 1 BTC unless you really don’t like your bitcoin.

The minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC and the principal can’t be released as it is included in the 10% daily payments. There is no compounding so you will need to add more deposits if you want to do this. The minimum withdrawal is 0.0001 BTC and payments are instant (for now).


I rate Cryptonium as good due to the type of HYIP and past performance of similar HYIPs. It would appear that this HYIP is related to 15Bit, but I can’t confirm that. It should also be noted there was a slight hiccup with payments yesterday and it appears that the admin have moved the hosting to a new location. As a result I feel the risk is high, but it is still investment worthy. Advertising is quite aggressive which is fairly typical, and the reputation of the HYIP is building fairly quickly which is also quite normal for this style of HYIP.

Overall: 3

Risk: 3

As always, you can track the progress of this and all my investments on my bitcoin HYIP monitor and never invest bitcoin you can’t afford to lose.