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Cube Assets – invest in your future

Cube Assets Limited is a new company involved in a highly profitable business based on forgiven currency and trading investment which is based in Britain – sound familiar? Yeah, it does. It’s just another HYIP, but this one is growing fast and does look very promising.


Although, this time of year tends to be a bit more risky for HYIP investing we still need to remember that HYIP investing is risky at ALL times, but also that potential high-quality programs can pop-up at any time. Simply dismissing a new program because it is December is not wise. I think that Cube Assets is one of those opportunities. If you are new to HYIPs, I recommend reading my basics page to get started.

This one has had a lot of work put into the site design and back-story. The story is obviously a load of rubbish, but the COMODO green bar SSL is not, and the sustainable investment plans and the multilevel referral structure are definitely excellent features. These tend to help a HYIP run for longer as it means the monitors and users will do more work to promote the HYIP to gather more investment. Obviously, this doesn’t make it a sure thing, but it can give an advantage to the early investors as it takes time for a program to build up.

Investment Plans

There are six investment plans to choose from with CubeAssets . The first three are “Principal Return” which means you earn a small amount of interest for a fixed term, and then your whole principal is returned at the end of the period. These plans are as follows:

  • 2.0% daily for 15 days (130% total)
  • 2.5% daily for 25 days (162.5% total)
  • 3.0% daily for 35 days (205% total)

The next lot of plans are “Principal Included” and payment is at the end of the fixed term. These plans are as follows:

  • 140% after 15 days
  • 175% after 25 days
  • 210% after 35 days

For safety, I recommend the first plans where you get a small payment (2-3%) each day before your principal is returned. The returns are slightly lower overall, but you will at least get some return if the program doesn’t run for the term you selected. All plans have a minimum investment of $20 and the site accepts bitcoin as well as a few of the usual money payment processors.

RCB Offer

For CubeAssets I am offering 100% RCB (referral commission back), which means you get back all of the referral commission of the bitcoin you invest from me. To claim your RCB, simply use the contact form after you have invested and send the following details:

  • Your CubeAssets username
  • The email address you used for CubeAssets
  • A screenshot of your main account page
  • A list of all deposits made (it is your responsibility to prove each one)
  • A bitcoin wallet address

NOTE: All RCBs will be paid after the program ends and you must invest bitcoin only. Your RCB will only be paid if I can get it out of the HYIP.