Earn bitcoin while you sleep

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well there are actually lots of ways to do it, but the basic principle is called investing. If you’ve been following my blog for a while you will already know all the best faucets, and you will also know that claiming from faucets is tiring and not very profitable. So, are you ready to earn bitcoin while sleeping?

Investing comes in many different forms but it is quite simply the process of making money with money – or in this case making more bitcoin with bitcoin. I touched on this subject a while ago in this blog where I provided some basic guidelines. I then blogged here about how setting a goal is the most important thing when investing.

So, lets now take it a step further and provide a simple example of investment:

Say you’ve found a few high-paying faucets like Alien Faucet, Daily Doge and Paid Books, you could quite easily earn 75,000 satoshi a day, but you would be glued to your computer all day and you would go mad from captchas. But, in one year you would have 0.274 bitcoin (about US$101.29).

Now, lets say you have $1,000 (2.7 BTC) and you invest it in a simple investment strategy that returns 10% per year. In that year, you will earn $100 interest which works out to be 27c per day, or 74,046 satoshi per day. Roughly the same as the faucets in the example above were paying; except all you have done is transferred some bitcoin, which takes about 1 minute. I know what I would rather do.

I’ll leave it there for now because I’m trying to convey the idea rather than telling you exactly what to do. I will pick this idea up again very soon and show how to do this and also demonstrate how you actually earn more than the 10% in the year.

A lot of people don’t invest simply because the fear of their $1,000 being lost is too great. It is a legitimate fear, but one that is easily overcome by some knowledge and a little bit of experience. The beauty of investing is that once you gain some experience and find your risk ‘comfort zone’, you can easily find investments that return more than 10%.

Remember that investing is a game of patience, not only do you need to invest the bitcoin, you need to invest the time – so start as soon as possible. This allows the magic of compound growth to do it’s work which I will blog about real soon.