Easy Bitcoin Faucet

Easy Bitcoin Faucet is another new bitcoin faucet with nice payout levels and short claim intervals. However, the name is a just little misleading. It is a bitcoin faucet, and claiming from it is quite easy, but it does have a number of features which are a little tricky to understand.

You can claim up to 500 satoshi every 60 minutes which is the easy part. All the bonuses that you can receive is where it starts to get tricky.

The first bonus is the daily loyalty bonus. For every day you claim, you receive a loyalty bonus which increases by 3% each day and 5% every 5th day. So if you claim 5 days in a row you will get a 17% bonus on top of what you claim. The bonus keeps increasing until you reach 100% and will reset if you miss a day.

Next you can get random bonuses each time you claim which either increase the amount you claim or how often you can claim. When you receive a bonus you need to activate it, and then use it in the given time frame.

Finally, there is a leader board for everyone who claims during the day. If you are in the top ten for the day you will receive a either an epic bonus or a rare bonus. You really need to have reached the 100% daily loyalty bonus to get in the top ten.

All earnings accumulate on the site and you can request a withdrawal once you reach 20,000 satoshi. You will need to confirm this withdrawal through an email address so use a real one.

So, go and get some easy bitcoin from Easy Bitcoin Faucet.