Farm Satoshi Calculator

It’s no secret that I enjoy Farm Satoshi and you will read numerous blogs about it around here. After a while of playing it you start to get a feel for which animals to run  depending on your circumstances; but, who has the time to learn all this? So, to make it easier for you I have developed a calculator you can use to earn more and save time.

It’s web-based and you can find it here. It’s dead simple to use and in no time you will be increasing your profits on the farm. The calculator will help you work out which animals are most profitable, how long you can leave between feeds, and which combinations of animals are best. Here is a quick run down on how to use it.

Select an animal

First you will need to select the type of animal that you would like to analyze. Simply select from the drop-down boxes and the animal will be displayed along with all the information about it including price, lifespan, feed requirements, and produce.

Select and Animal

Select feed sizes

Now you need to select which feed sizes you intend to buy for the life of the animal. These need to be fairly accurate as the results can vary significantly if you purchase different sizes from what you select in the calculator. You can experiment with the selections to see the effect the bulk price feed has on your profit. It is significant for the pigs and sheep, but less for the ducks, rabbits, and goats.

Feed Size

Enter warehouse capacities

If you would like to know how long the animal will last between feeds you can enter the storage capacity of your warehouse for each feed type and the calculator will work it out for you. You can get this information from Farm Satoshi if you click on the ‘Warehouse’ icon in the main farm page.

warehouse capacity

Select how many animals

You can also select to calculate for multiple animals of the same type to see how different combinations of animals will work. This is really useful to work out how long the animals will last and you can then get a balance between profit and feed times easily.


Analyze Results

Each time you make a change in the calculator the result table will be updated with the new calculation. This provides a really quick and easy way to analyze a lot of different animals.


The table shows the total consumption by the animal and how much all of it costs are (outgoing) based on the feed sizes selected. Next is the total revenue which is how much you get when selling all the produce. Then the profit is shown which is revenue minus the outgoing cost and the price of the animal. This is how much you will actually be ahead after you sell the animal. Revenue and profit are also divided by the hour which makes a bit more sense when comparing as each animal has a different lifespan.

The ‘Return‘ is the percentage you receive above your investment in the animal. The ‘Break-Even‘ time is how long it takes to cover the cost of the investment and basically indicates how ‘risky‘ the investment is when compared to the lifespan of the animal.

Finally, the time constraints are based on your selections for warehouse capacity and will tell you how long the maximum amount of feed and water you can carry will last for the chosen animal.

So, keep the Farm Satoshi Calculator handy when you are out on the farm and you’ll be stacking up the big coin in no time.