Farm Satoshi – farming without the poo!

Do you dream of living in the country? You know, freedom, space, breathing in the fresh air, stepping in poo? Well, if you do, have I got a bitcoin faucet for you…

Farm Satoshi is one of the more complex faucets out there… in fact it is much more of an investment game than a cut-and-dry faucet. The basic premise is to run and manage a farm where you purchase animals and then sell the produce – hopefully for a profit. Each animal has different feed requirements and you purchase feed and water for the animals at the market. This is kept in the warehouse (aka barn) which you can purchase upgrades to increase holding capacity.

The game consists of 25 levels that are completed by performing tasks such as purchasing various types of animals, upgrading warehouse facilities, taking loans, and withdrawing satoshi from the bank. Each level will unlock more productive animals and bulk-purchase feed and water which will decrease your costs and increase your profit.

I will blog more about farm satoshi as I really enjoy it; but, for now here are a few tips to get you going:

  • Buying feed and water in bulk maximizes your return of each animal
  • Animals only produce if they have their correct feed and water – make sure you have enough for each animal you purchase and estimate how long until they run out. All the consumption rates are available on the ‘Animals’ page
  • Always keep cash in reserve to cover costs – especially with the sheep and big pigs as they eat a lot

The game can be quite frustrating at times as you work your way up, but stick to it and invest the time and money and soon you will be raking in the bitcoin on Farm Satoshi.