Farm Satoshi: how to fleece a rabbit

Like the ducks on Farm Satoshi, the rabbits are also nice little earners and they are the only ones that eat the carrots which makes them a good choice to help keep the farm productive and maximize profits. So, which one is the most profitable?

OK, let’s get right too it. The Angora rabbit is the fanciest and also the most profitable but you can’t run too many of them because they love their carrots a bit too much. The Angora rabbit is also the most sensitive to feed price due to the high cost to purchase the animal so be careful about feeding times if you run more than one of them.

Farm Satoshi

The White and Grey rabbit aren’t very profitable but you need to buy them to advance through the levels so suck it up and move on. The Hito rabbit is a reasonable prospect when you can purchase bulk carrots but it seems a little fake, and those eyes are a bit of a worry. The humble Brown rabbit is a reliable earner and quite a modest eater which will give you reasonable time between feeds. However, if you want maximum profit you will have to go with the Angora rabbit.

The following table summarizes the hourly profit for all the rabbits on Farm Satoshi:

Rabbit Cost Min Profit (hr) Max Profit (hr)
White Rabbit 120  64  72
Grey Rabbit 150 68  81
Hito Rabbit 690  68  107
Brown Rabbit 1340 69  124
Angora Rabbit 4000  78  160

NOTE: as for the ducks, displayed numbers are calculated using the barrel water price of 220.

One thing to note with the rabbits (and some other animals) is that you can use more of a smaller animal type and be more profitable for equivalent or less feed than one bigger one. An example is 2 Hito rabbits which will return 214 satoshi per hour profit compared to 160 for the Angora rabbit while consuming slightly less feed than 1 Angora rabbit. This means you can earn more and visit the farm less which is really nice; however, you need to look at the whole farm and not just one particular animal to make this work well. I will blog more about animal combinations soon.

So, now you have all the facts, you can work out how best to manage the rabbits. Choose from a smug looking fluffy rabbit, a humble brown one, or one that not only looks funny but may or may not actually exist.