Farm Satoshi: how to milk the ducks

I blogged about Farm Satoshi here and if you read it you would know I quite enjoy it. After much trial and error as well as using various online calculators that were not correct, I finally sat down and worked out the most profitable way to run each animal. So, let’s start with the ducks.

The ducks are nice little earners despite only producing eggs which are the cheapest item at 2.5 satoshi per egg.

The Mallard duck is not the prettiest or the most prolific egg producer, but it is actually the most profitable throughout the entire game, not just at low levels when feed is expensive. The funny looking Swedish duck comes pretty close, but you need to always buy the biggest bulk feed and water to get the maximum profit.

Farm Satoshi

The 3 hour lifespan of the Mallard means that you can only have short sleeps to maintain a round-the-clock profit, so the Swedish duck is a better choice for a more hands-off farming approach. Although, you will need to invest in many warehouse upgrades to keep the feed up to it.

The Bellied duck is the flashiest and appears to be the best on paper with the highest egg rate and lower feed requirements, but the 4,000 cost puts a serious dent in the profit. So forget it, along with the Peking and Ancona duck. These are only needed to pass through levels; although, the Ancona duck would rival the Bellied duck at the county fair!

The following table summarizes the hourly profit for all the ducks on Farm Satoshi:

Duck Cost Min Profit (hr) Max Profit (hr)
Peking Duck 100  62.5  64.5
Mallard Duck 150  95.6  101.7
Ancona Duck 690  61.8  82.9
Swedish Duck 1340  67.5  97.5
Bellied Duck 4000  62.3  86.4

NOTE: the cost of water only makes a small difference (few percent) for each animal so the displayed numbers are calculated using the barrel water price of 220.

So, onward toward duck domination on Farm Satoshi. But remember, all these numbers are useless if the ducks run out of feed or water for any length of time.