Feed the zebra – zoo membership not required!

Bitcoin Zebra hasn’t been around for donkey’s years, nor will it win you the Melbourne Cup, but this funny looking horse is as reliable as an old mule. Just don’t ask about the stripes…

Bitcoin Zebra is another brilliant faucet in line with Moonbit and Free Bitcoin. It’s as solid as it is reliable and as simple to claim from as it gets. A nice little graphic of a zebra grazing seals the deal.

There are three prizes you can win which vary depending on the bitcoin price. Currently they are 500, 1,000, and 3,000. The average claim is displayed also – at the moment it’s 850.

You can claim every hour and the zebra offers direct payment to your Xapo wallet or onsite weekly payments to other wallets.

There is also a multiply feature with no risk where you choose how many dice to roll. If you roll sixes, your claim amount is multiplied by x2 for one, x5 for two, x10 for three, x100 for four, and x1,000 for five. I have tried a few different ones, but generally stick to rolling one dice as you have a 1 in 6 chance. To activate the multiply, just click the link which appears in a box like all the other advertisements. It’s normally the first one following the claim section of the page.

Now with Bitcoin Zebra joining Moonbit, we just need a butterfly-themed faucet and we have enough for a Jimi Hendrix-song based blog.