Feeling lucky? Try these faucets

If lady luck follows you around, and you are sick of faucets that pay the same crappy amount each time, then the following faucets are right for you. You can win big on all of the them with a little bit of skill and a lot of luck.

Luck Bitcoin

The first is the aptly named Luck Bitcoin which is a simple game of chance where you start at the top of a pyramid and select a box from a row. If you get a smiley face box you continue, if you get a frowny face box you lose it all. Each row decreases the chance of winning but increases the winning by a lot. There are 7 rows and total prize money is 1,370,880 satoshi if you make it all the way. You can claim every 15 minutes and your prizes are held on site and paid out each week.

Field of Bitcoin

The next is Field of Bitcoin where you select a square containing a prize from a grid of 169 squares. Every 10 minutes you get three chances and prizes range from 35 to 366,695 satoshi. Your prizes accumulate on the site and pay out each week.

Box Bitcoin

Lastly, Box Bitcoin is a simple one where you select a box from 25 different boxes. Every 10 minutes you get two chances to claim a prize which can range from 20 to 212,000 satoshi. Keep in mind you lose the first prize if you take the second chance. Again, prizes accumulate and are paid out each week.


Faucet Interval (minutes) Min Prize Max Prize
Luck Bitcoin 15 255 1,330,000
Field of Bitcoin 10 35 366,695
Box Bitcoin 10 20 1,330,000


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