Free Bitcoin Info

Sick of completing captchas to get tiny amounts of bitcoin? Well, then you will love the Stacks of Coin free bitcoin idea. It’s not quite a faucet and not quite a competition, but simply an innovative way to give away bitcoin and hopefully at the same time, get more people interested in it.

What’s it all about?

Follow our Facebook page and wait for ‘giveaway’ posts. They will vary in a number of ways:

  1. When they appear
  2. What you will need to do
  3. How much is up for grabs

If you enable notifications for Stacks of Coin you will have a much better chance. Some of the larger giveaways will also go out via our email newsletter only so make sure you sign up to it as well.

You can check current giveaways here.

How can I win?

Giveaway posts will range from simply being the first to like or comment, to simple tasks of identifying something, to writing a post for the Stacks of Coin blog. That’s right, get published here and get paid!

Wait, there’s more

Each week we will also give away 100,000 satoshi to the most active Facebook user so comment, share, and like, and you could win. Remember spam = BAN.