Friendly Faucets – a list of the best bitcoin faucets

There are thousands of faucets around today. Some of which are excellent quality with a good reputation. Then there are the other ones – you know, the ones where you spend the time visiting only to find the faucet is dry. If only there was a better way. Well, with Friendly Faucets, now there is…

Friendly Faucets takes away the pain of visiting dead faucets by operating a managed bitcoin faucet list that is continually updated to make sure you never visit a dead faucet. This not only saves you time but also helps to maximize your bitcoin earnings.

The faucet list is divided up into a number of tables corresponding to claim interval, and each table is sorted by claim amount. Each faucet has a number of features which are displayed in one column using icons to simply the table layout.

A handy feature is a mobile-friendly column which indicates whether the faucet is suitable to visit on a mobile device. A green tick indicates it is OK, while a red no-entry icon indicates that you may not be able to claim from the faucet. Reasons include the faucet not displaying correctly, tiny links obscured by advertising that are impossible to click, or it’s simply too complicated for small screens.

There is a contact page if you do find a dead faucet or have an awesome faucet to recommend, a FAQ page, and also a couple of faucets for Litecoin and Dogecoin if that’s your thing.

So, do visit Friendly Faucets and grow your own ‘stacks of coin’.