Friendly Faucets – now even better

I blogged about the bitcoin faucet list Friendly Faucets back in December. It was good back then, but now it’s had a make-over and is even better. It now features faucet timers so you can track when you have claimed from each faucet, weekly bonus prizes, and even referral link sharing so you can earn from everyone who uses the site. Awesome!


The most significant part of the make-over is the addition of the faucet timers. This allows you to visit the site from anywhere and see when each bitcoin faucet is ready to claim from. If it’s not ready, a timer countdown is displayed showing exactly when it will be.

You will need to log into the site so you can be eligible for the bonus prizes and referral sharing, but this only requires a user name and a bitcoin wallet address. You can create multiple users with different wallet addresses if you need to, and each address will have it’s own timers.

There is a ‘stats page’ which shows which faucets are eligible for the bonus or referral link sharing which also doubles as a leader board so you can see if you are in the running for a prize. A nice feature is that your address is highlighted in the table so it’s easy to see.

Lastly, all the great features of Friendly Faucets are still there – clear and easy to read tables, constantly updated and best bitcoin faucet list, and a smooth responsive design. So, head on over and check it out.