Game Vault Studios – innovators or idiots?

For me, it used to be the first one, but in light of the recent announcements by Game Vault Studios that Google has pulled their ad revenue, I’m loathed to call them innovators anymore because they are now too stupid for words; i.e.- complete idiots. So what did the makers of Farm Satoshi, Cannon Satoshi, and City Satoshi do?

First of all let’s start with what they didn’t do, they clearly didn’t put together any kind of business plan, let alone any kind of contingency plan to weather the storm, and when mommy took away the rattle, they screamed all the way to the comment box on City sprouting the same “revenue” garbage the major bitcoin faucets did in late January.

So, what did they do? They jumped on a bandwagon with pie-in-the-sky dreams, much like Bonus Bitcoin did recently, and started a bitcoin faucet giving away money with no evidence of financial backing. To top it off, they relied completely on a single income stream in the form of Google Adsense revenue. It defies logic as there are a huge number of bitcoin ad companies around nowadays – many with different revenue generation methods which complement each other.

It gets better; when it turned sour yesterday, they instantly cut-off withdrawals, but allowed the gem buy facility to remain open for those still competing for the top prizes. Top notch business men don’t you agree?

Granted, the enforcement by Google of their Adsense policy was a surprise, but was it unexpected? No, sadly it wasn’t. Many of the biggest bitcoin faucets have been torn a new one recently and this certainly wasn’t the first time Google have enforced, or even changed their policies with dire consequences for many. But, when it comes to bitcoin faucets, can you blame them? They are not a great model, and surely don’t perform well for the advertisers who pay for a premium for the leading advertising service.

So overall, I didn’t lose much money on City (only 42,000 satoshi), and I don’t care about the time I wasted as I enjoy the style of game that they were providing. But, I am a little pissed off. Their games were especially refreshing and exciting given the major faucet payout downgrades recently.

Anyway, Shame, shame, shame Game Vault, you get the first nomination for the coveted 2016 Stacks of Coin steaming dog turd prize.