Genius Hash – just another HYIP?

Yeah of course… and given the rubbish performance of HYIPs lately it would be no surprise if Genius Hash stopped paying tomorrow – or right now for that matter. But, as an experienced HYIP investor there is always one thing I keep in mind during times like these.


HYIP admin make their money by people investing. So, for a HYIP admin to profit, they must collect enough funds from investors at a sustainable rate. This rate varies for each admin but generally the higher the interest, the higher the investment inflow needs to be. OK, sounds easy enough, but what happens when HYIPs continually scam and not even the early investors get paid?

Don’t think for too long – but I can tell what I’m doing and see if it makes sense to you – I’m reducing deposit size and being even more critical when selecting HYIPs – or to put another way – I’m not investing as much. If all investors do this then it’s not hard to work out the end result, but I’ll summarize anyway – the scammers don’t make as much and stop!

I should point out that HYIPs will never actually disappear as there are enough gullible people around who believe the hype (pun not intended) published by the scammers themselves on forums and HYIP monitors (not mine I should point out). You only have to look at the recent scamming of Hash Ocean which took millions of dollars worth of bitcoin from approximately 700,000 unsuspecting investors with it. It even made mainstream headline news. Maybe if they all read my basics page…

Investment Plans

As for Genius Hash, it’s a pretty standard principal release HYIP paying modest profit levels. It is bitcoin only, has lots of plans starting at 3.6% daily for 0.001 BTC up to 0.25 BTC, and your principal can be released at any time for a 5% fee. At the time of writing, withdrawals are instant to your bitcoin wallet.

The profit levels of Genius Hash are certainly sustainable for at least 30 days based on previous HYIPs of similar type. It theoretically could last up to 60 days and beyond. Take a look at TinderBTC which is about to hit day 70 in this environment. Whether it will last is anyone’s guess.


My usual rating system seems a little bit useless at this time due to current HYIP conditions so I’ll spare you the long review and explanation and simply say: Genius Hash is a HYIP, which is basically a scam site and will stop paying at any given time. And, forget asking for your bitcoin back. I’m invested (modestly) which you can track on my HYIP monitor, but I am fully prepared to lose. If you do invest, please remember not to invest bitcoin you can’t afford to lose.

To finish, I can’t say how long this bad period (or any bad period) will last, but you can be rest assured that the small number of good HYIPs will eventually come good again.