Get Your Bitcoin

Yet another faucet with an obvious name, but Get Your Bitco.in is one that actually pays, and has been paying reliably for quite a while. Which is a bit of a relief given the number of lame and crappy faucets running around at the moment. It also has some nice bonus features.


It’s a pretty simple faucet (like most of them) where you click the claim button, complete the captcha, and get a reward. The standard reward is 200 satoshi every 5 minutes but it will sometimes be a bit lower at either 150 or 100 satoshi. I’m not sure why it changes but it does. Anyway, it does have a bonus of 3x the claim amount every 15 claims, as well as a daily bonus of 10% of all the claims you make in a day.

All claims you make from Get Your Bitco.in are held onsite and you can withdraw them to FaucetBox whenever you like. Just go to the withdraw tab at the top of the page. There is no minimum amount or any fees associated with the withdrawal.

OK, that’s pretty much it, so happy claiming!