GrandBit – aHash Rebooted

GrandBit is the latest offering from the crew who brought us aHash.io which was a solid performer. It only returned approximately 150%, but it managed to do this after suffering numerous attacks and payment problems. The question is, can GrandBit outperform it?

The fact that aHash continued to pay through the tough times is a sign of a committed admin. However, I probably need to clarify that all HYIPs are scams, and an admin that continues on is determined to make it last for only one reason – to profit more from the scam. Ultimately, before we invest bitcoin, first we need to realize, and then accept these risks.

If you are new to HYIPs then check out my basics page. If not, lets take a look at GrandBit.

Investment Plans

GrandBit offers three plans based on how much you invest. All plans are principal release at any time for a 10% fee which is about average for this type of HYIP. The first plan offers 3% daily for an unlimited time frame which is about 33 days to 100% ROI.

The other plans require more than 5 BTC which is not really a good idea and I certainly don’t recommend that much for any HYIP. The minimum deposit for the first plan is 0.01 and the minimum withdrawal is 0.0001. The site is bitcoin only, profits are paid every hour, and withdrawals are instant.

The Website

The site is professional looking just like aHash and certainly has that believable, yet deceptive quality about it. The personalized video from the busty American model is a nice touch, but probably not fooling anyone. There is a lot of info on the site and most of it is in plain English and easy to follow. There is of course, the usual grammatical errors which give the game away.

As usual, to get started, just sign up, log in, and deposit some bitcoin to the address given. The plan will be automatically selected for you when you specify the deposit size. There is no compounding available, so you will have to reinvest if you want to do this.


I rate GrandBit as excellent and am more than happy to invest. This is partly due to the performance of aHash and partly due to the type of HYIP. Although it has been running for a few days, I still feel it is worthy to invest bitcoin and will hopefully see at least 30 days running. At 3% per day this is not quite 100%, so a safer bet would be to aim for a lower return and withdraw principal. Another option is to add your earnings to a few extra deposits as a kind of compounding and then start to reduce these deposits after two weeks or so.

Lastly, advertising is fairly subdued and it’s reputation is growing slowly as it is paying instantly. Regardless, I would still only recommend and investment of up to 10% of your portfolio.

Overall: 4

Risk: 3

As always, don’t invest bitcoin you can’t afford to lose, and remember to check the progress of all my investments on my bitcoin HYIP monitor page.

2 thoughts on “GrandBit – aHash Rebooted”

  1. are you shure that this company is former ahash?
    ok the live support is rude like those from ahash.that is there 1st -. point

    1. When it first started it had the ahash contact details, but it also has many similarities like hosting and language errors

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